UpShop Industries

UpShop Industries is an upcycling business founded in 2015 by Mario Milici. We work with creatives, businesses, industries, and manufacturers to reduce waste and its impact on the environment.

About Mario

Mario has worked as a designer for over thirty years. For him, “Upcycling… is not new, it’s not a trend, or a fad. It’s a way of life…”

From Banners to Bags…

transforming banners into something beautiful and useful?

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Waste remnants


What is it? How do we do it – and why? Here’s some thoughts…

When things are broken
Why do we throw out a tool when it no longer works? …
Raw materials…
A night out eating raw food and wearing upcycled jewelry – that's …


We have upcycled unwanted materials and discarded objects for many different projects.

Metro Bird

Sketch of prototype for Metro Bird

A flying machine built by saving materials from landfill.