Raw materials…

A night out eating raw food and wearing upcycled jewelry – that’s a double serving of sustainable living. It amazes us, sometimes, how upcycling connects with the work of others committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

At the Sustainable Living Festival in 2017, we met Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray who had just spent three years making RAW the Documentary – a film about raw food designed inspire others to make informed decisions about sustainable lifestyles.

Raw food sustained Janette and Alan on their marathon journey around Australia; for UpShop, it’s material meant for landfill that fuels our passion. We thrive on turning things like bicycle chains and antique silver spoons into objects that can be worn, transforming potential waste into something beautiful.

So it seemed only natural to donate a bicycle bracelet  for the Silent Auction at the premiere of RAW on Febuary 19, 2017   Upcycling sustaining the efforts of others; perfect.