Past Projects

Since Upshop began in 2015, we have worked on a variety of projects, exploring innovative and creative ways to upcycle unwanted materials and discarded objects. The following posts represent some of the stories of how we have worked with clients and community to keep discovering what upcycling is, what it requires in terms of design thinking and materials analysis, how we can work effectively and sustainably as a business using circular economy principles, and how we can keep implementing the best practices to reduce landfill.

Public Art?

How can upcycling be a creative and collaborative act? In September 2017, a series of artworks appeared in Westgate Health Co-op (a co-operative community health

In Memory of the Machines

In March, 2017, Ray, the owner of Excell Press, officially retired after fifty years. Keen to talk, we stepped inside his small Brunswick factory just

What is Waste?

At our second UpShop market, you could have exchanged a nut (as in nuts and bolts!) for a flat white, seen some more of the

Thoughts on a Plane

The workshop @ Upshop is a fascinating place to visit: so many tools, all arranged neatly (at least, on a good day). I can’t recognize

Raw materials…

Upcycling sustains us in diverse ways and this is why an upcycled creation from Upshop can support a documentary on raw food and marathon running….

UpShop Pops Up for Xmas

On Saturday 3rd December, 2016, UpShop held its inaugural Pop-Up Market from 10:00am to 4:00pm @ UpShop. 298 Barkly Street, Brunswick. An event designed to

Sustainable Practices

Up North from Upshop, there is a garden that was given an upcycling makeover. Using ex-Volvo bins – very sturdy and versatile with steel hinged

Re-Engineering the Kitchen

Creative upcycling is more than repurposing old objects and giving them a bit of a clean so they look shiny and new.  It fundamentally involves