Upcycling A Garden

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Up North from Upshop, there is a garden that is getting an upcycling makeover. Last month, we created planter boxes from ex-Volvo bins. These bins are very sturdy and versatile with steel hinged sides that can be stacked, which allows for a variety of heights. The planter boxes that we created used two layers, without a base. Once they were completed, filled with earth and planted out, we had to think of a way of keeping the chooks out! So we repurposed innerspring mattresses. They will  keep the veggies safe and also act as a vertical trellis for climbing plants.

When you repurpose materials like these boxes and innerspring mattresses in a garden, you are not only growing sustainable produce but also extending the life of materials that would normally go to landfill.

Upshop has these materials for sale if you wish to start upcycling in your own garden. And we can assist with design and installation.