Who is Upshop?

UpShop Industries is a business founded in 2015 by Mario Millici. UpShop is driven by Mario, and it’s fueled by his dedication. The ethos and the principles of upcycling that underpin UpShop have always been part of Mario’s approach to design – and to life. Others have contributed to UpShop’s growth. Neighbors and friends who value Mario’s commitment to local community and most likely benefited from his generous spirit. Clients and partners who are prepared to adopt new business practices and strategies for waste management. Here is what they have to say about why upcycling matters to them.
And who is Upshop? It’s Mario, it’s this growing network of industries, manufacturers, and creatives – and, actually, it’s you.

mario Millici

Mario Millici

I have worked as a designer within the furniture, building and education sectors for over three decades, finding creative solutions to repurpose materials and manage waste streams. Upcycling is a way of life for me; I’ve just always wanted to give a ‘second life’ to the old, discarded and unwanted. Starting Upshop was a natural next step to what I had already been doing, an opportunity to work on long-term with industries and organisations.