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What is waste?

Upcycling is thinking about waste, about what it actually is, and how we are all responsible for it. Visitors to the second UpShop market could have exchanged a nut (as in nuts and bolts!) for a flat white and  perhaps, purchased some  of the materials stored in the workshop or one of the strange and

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When things are broken

Why do we throw out a tool when it no longer works? Is it because we see tools as just objects that can be easily discarded? What does an upcycler do, when a tool is no longer use-full? The thoughts of philosopher, Martin Heidegger, might offer a hint. He proposed that a tool is not

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Raw materials…

A night out eating raw food and wearing upcycled jewelry – that’s a double serving of sustainable living

mario Millici

Mario Milici (MCMDesign)

Upcycling, to me, is not new; it’s not a trend, or a fad. It’s a way of life. Working as MCMDesign, I have been repurposing and using reclaimed materials wherever possible in furniture, jewelry and building projects for the better part of three decades. Upcycling has made my design practice sustainable: I don’t have the

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